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POLARIS Office Viewer 5

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Phiên bản 5.0.4606.01 8 tháng trước

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The best way to view or edit Office files on the phone.

If you are looking for powerful editing features and superior Microsoft Office compatibility on your mobile, POLARIS Office Viewer 5 should be your number 1 choice.

Easy-to-use and with an incredibly simple user interface, this wonderful app is not only powerful but very handy too.

There are many exciting features that make POLARIS Office Viewer 5 a definite must-have:

Simple, elegant design: Childlike simplicity and elegant design makes working on your files extremely easy.
High compatibility: When it comes to the latest Microsoft Office file formats, you can expect the best rendering quality on your phone.
Perfect presentations: Now create complex presentations using over 80 pieces of smart and over 160 diagrams, charts and effects and animation. What's more, it lets you present with the laser point and pen tool.
Advanced PDF Engine: Access your document with ease and by zooming in or out, panning, flicking and adding memos and comments.
Camera mode: Click and add pictures into your documents on the go.
Supports several cloud services: Save and access your work from cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Ready to take your office with you? Why carry your laptop around when you can download POLARIS Office Viewer 5 on your mobile now.

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Phiên bản APK 5.0.4606.01
Khả năng tương thích Android 4.2.x+ (Jelly Bean)
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